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The scholarships are most used in Europe

That woman is not crazy about scholarships (I raise my hand quickly)! The WGSN site showed that the main exchanges are success the streets of Europe in recent months.

The first purse-success are those of model Vintage entering and leaving the station are still popular. So fuce the wardrobe of his grandmother, aunts, mother and several thrift stores to look for vintage model to call your own that yield looks very fashionable and contemporary.

Another type of bag-is the success with Details mail, As baggage, external pockets, the spacious and well shaped to resemble bags and luggage. Example of detail with this model is the mini musi in Demin of Yves Saint Laurent.

The Envelope bag is riding high, as the mark CelineWith the “classic Box, small, square and vintage, and the collection of autumn-winter 2010, called “Envelope bags.

The cluth minimalist are another type of grant success in Europe. The cluth are beyond handbags used in parties, can be versatile bags that can be used also to go to work.

The cluth minimalists, those in neutral colors and without much detail, can be used with both dresses, but even with good pair of jeans. And what of models you liked? You would use some of models purses?


January 11, 2011 - Posted by | accessories

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