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Overshoes, super fashion

Anyone who has passed the 30 can remember the times that mothers, worried about the longing of the daughters, sent to kids protect themselves from the rain wearing rubber boots. Time of terror for the girls, who reluctantly put the feet in shoes that until then was part of the uniforms of those who worked in the cleaning industry.

Time passed and the galoshes are here again. Only this time, the villain of the closet of any little girl the rubber boots have become darlings. Especially in the rainy season. The shoe fell into the hands of designers famous brands as Jacobs Marcs, Gucci, Chanel, Kenzo and Pucci, Which gave a new face to the footwear. Even the dreaded “Seven Leagues” came into vogue and refashioning.

The Footwear is democratic and can be used by women all styles. And like any other fashion accessory, requires careful when composing the look. Boots very striking require modest clothing.

One should be attentive to not childish the visual, It looks good with dresses and short skirts or at the knee. Also worth skinny jeans, leggings or thick tights.


January 11, 2011 - Posted by | shoes

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